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ASC 842 Standards Update Webinar

Changes to the Balance Sheet

On Demand Webinar

Curious to learn more about how ASC 842 will affect your balance sheet?

In this webinar, we will provide a high level overview of the ASC 842 changes and how they affect your balance sheet. We will identify the proper way to account for the operating and finance leases on your balance sheet, so you can better plan how to comply. We will review how the major changes from 840 to 842 affect balance sheet reporting, and briefly discuss disclosure requirements from 842. Additionally, we will briefly look into embedded leases.

  • Showcase what was vs. what now needs to be on your balance sheet.
  • Embedded leases from an accounting standpoint
  • Planning to comply (things you might not have thought about)

This webinar is hosted by Nicholas DeMarco, Lead Technical Accountant, Accounting & Finance at
Visual Lease.