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Lease Impact Service

COVID-19 is impacting your lease agreements. We’re here to help.

Visual Lease can help you with the lease management challenges that your teams are facing due to the Covid-19 crisis. We are here to help you review and abstract (summarize) lease agreements and other relevant clauses so that you can develop effective strategies for reducing costs in these areas:

  • Financial - rent, late fees and penalties, operating costs and taxes, supplemental charges
  • Legal - default, services, continuous operation, force majeure
  • Timing/notices- dates, cure periods, parties
  • Options- extension, early termination, contraction, expansion
  • Physical space- access, cleaning
  • Accounting/tax considerations- lease accounting remeasurement, abandonment

The Visual Lease Team has experience abstracting tens of thousands of leases and have been helping companies control their lease obligations for over 35 years.

"We couldn’t have made it to this point as efficiently as we
did without you guiding the ship (and we appreciate your
patience helping us navigate the BHA-specific nuances that
came up along the way)."
- Mike Sawicki, Berkshire Hathaway