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7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Lease Accounting System

Learn the Lease Accounting Essentials You'll Need for ASC 842 or IFRS 16 Compliance

Get the Guide to Choosing Lease Accounting Software for FASB/IASB

Choosing lease accounting software is new to most organizations. The tricky part is, many lease accounting systems look very similar after the initial demo. Yet there are significant differences that can make or break your ASC 842 or IFRS 16 readiness.

DON’T MISS this advice from lease experts that can help you avoid making an expensive mistake and risking your compliance timeline. Here’s what you’ll learn from this guide:

  • How to compare prices and the value you’ll get from different tools.
  • The data integration and reporting capabilities you might not realize you’re going to need.
  • The financial benefits of certain features that can dwarf the cost of your IASB or FASB compliance efforts, providing an easy ROI.
  • The factors you can’t ignore, or risk being stuck with a tool that doesn’t work for you after implementation.