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See How Visual Lease Can Help

Let Us Summarize & Organize Your Lease Data

Leases are complex, lengthy, and can be difficult to interpret. We can help simplify the complexity.

Did you know Visual Lease offers lease abstraction services 

Visual Lease technology customers have the option to add professional lease abstraction services which is the smartest way to achieve compliance. Save time and effort by letting our lease abstraction professionals review, organize, and extract your leases’ key data points for review within the Visual Lease platform.

What You Get: 

  • Professional Services Team: Expertly trained personnel dedicated to identifying valuable lease provisions and terms related to lease accounting and administration 
  • Streamlined Data Migration: Populate the Visual Lease system without struggling to review and abstract each lease within your portfolio 
  • Project Status Updates: Consistent communication throughout every step of the process 
  • Quality Assurance: Reliable, comprehensive lease evaluation backed by trusted lease abstraction professionals