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Lease Accounting Milestone Planner

Compliance deadlines are delayed. Your project shouldn't be.

Map out your plan for FASB and GASB compliance.

The Lease Accounting Milestone Planner is the industry’s most comprehensive tool to help companies plan for FASB and GASB lease accounting standard compliance.  

Built in partnership with the accounting experts at RSM and Grant Thornton, the planner embeds decades of lease management expertise and learnings gathered from helping over 700 companies take control of their lease portfolio and comply with lease accounting standards into an easy-to-use tool.

Simply enter the compliance standard you need to comply with and the target date you’re aiming to finish by and you'll get:

  • A personalized project plan to help you set expectations with your team
  • Important milestones you can easily add to your calendar
  • Personalized resources to help you nail every step in the process.


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