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What's New: Visual Lease Release Notes

Version 20.2.1


  • Training Opportunities 
  • VL University introduces a new suite of on-demand video training courses  
  • Lease Accounting 

Issues Resolved 

  • Accounting 
  • Reporting 
  • GASB Disclosure Report Maturity Analysis section has been adjusted to display proper period lengths 
  • Change Log Report has been updated to no longer report nonexistent updates to Lease Accounting 
  • Imports 
  • Other Issues 
  • Adjusted Allocations so that long charge codes will be properly saved to account and passed to Accounting Feed and reports 
  • Enabled Lease IDs with special characters to be attached to other leases 
Version 20.2 (June 20, 2020)

Watch the 20.2 Release Webinar Recording - Accounting
lease accounting

Watch the 20.2 Release Webinar Recording - GASB

Lease Accounting Enhancements

Reporting Enhancements

Import Enhancements

  • Import Lease Accounting template can be used to import lessee modification calculations under GASB.

Issues Resolved

  • Accounting
    • Updated proration logic for Right of Use Asset and Amortization values to provide more consistent behavior for Operating modification calculations performed mid-period.
  • Reporting
    • Resolved issue with weighted averages in Disclosure Report to ensure that calculations ended prior to the reporting period end date are not included.
    • Resolved issue in which for some fixed lease list-based filters, the Abstract Report could not convert figures to Target Currency.
  • Other Issues
Version 20.1.6 (May 26, 2020)
Resolved issue for Approvals beta users in which submitting a request to send a CAM statement to financials resulted in an empty Statement Summary screen.
Version 20.1.5 (May 16, 2020)

Lease Accounting Enhancements

  • Enhance system logic to ensure that impairment calculations are based upon the financial entries in place for the prior (predecessor) calculation.

Reporting Enhancements

  • Roll Forward Report will be converted to the Reporting Currency in all Roll Forward tabs and will support functional currency and converting figures at the current spot rate
  • Disclosure Report includes purchase calculations

Import Enhancements

  • The Import Lease Accounting template includes all columns necessary for importing GASB 87 Finance lessor calculations.

Administrator Enhancements

User Interface Enhancements

  • Top menu icons for User Manual, Support, Training, and What's New open their respective pages in new browser tabs.

Issues Resolved

  • Accounting
    • Save As functionality enhancements:
      • Resolved issue in which several fields or calculation types did not carry over to the new lease.
      • When you select Copy Lease Accounting, Copy Financial Entries is required.
    • Resolved issue in which the ending balances of some fully terminated calculations were incorrect.
    • Resolved issue in which ROU Asset journal entries at the period of termination were missing and Gain/Loss on Termination entries were inflated.
    • ROU Asset and Lease Liability Values at Remeasurement now display with commas in the remeasurement calculation wizard.
  • Reporting
  • Financials
    • Resolved issue in which a payee record could not be replaced.
    • Resolved issue in which the Allocation Group was not saved when a new financial entry was added.
  • Imports
    • Resolved issue in which the End Dates of financial entries were not saved when using the Import Financial Entries
    • Resolved issue in which calculations for month to month leases could not be made short term under IFRS 16 through the Import Lease Accounting
  • Other Issues
    • Resolved issue in which for some clients, passwords could not be changed because of conflicting character requirements.
    • Resolved issue in which the Associate Contact with Leases action for multiple leases caused <Lease ID> not found
    • Resolved issue in which the Account Dashboard did not reflect proper currency or measurement unit.
Version 20.1.4 (April 22, 2020)
Improved our ability to support all identity providers used by our single sign-on customers.
Version 20.1.3 (April 18, 2020)
We have renewed our SSL certificate for single sign-on (SSO) users, which required minor code changes to the platform.
Version 20.1.2 (April 11, 2020)

Issues Resolved

  • Resolved issue in which the ROU balance at transition in the Roll Forward Report did not match the ROU balance of the same transition calculations in the Lease Accounting Standard report.
  • Resolved issue in which required fields throughout the platform were not indicated with red lines as usual and the Quick Search magnifying glass icon has been restored.
Version 20.1.1 (March 24, 2020)
Resolved issue in which editing fields within the Edit Location, Edit Dates or Edit Area sections of the Lease General tab caused the Lease Status to automatically change to “Pending.”
Version 20.1 (March 21, 2020)

Watch the 20.1 Release Webinar Recording



Lease Accounting Enhancements

  • Roll Forward Report introduced:
    • Summarizes the changes of lease accounting balance sheet items within a specified period of time
    • Used for preparing statements of cash flows and reconciling balance sheet activity between Visual Lease and your ERP
  • Functional Currency Support:
    • Administrators can assign functional currency by Organization
    • The Disclosure Report and Lease Accounting Standard Reports will use the functional currency to execute the appropriate conversions in both the summary and detailed views and display the associated conversion rates
  • Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB)
    • Ability to create new lessee calculations under the GASB 13 and GASB 87 accounting standards
    • Ability to create new lessor GASB 87 calculations
    • Ability to input parameters via user interface or Import Lease Accounting template
    • Lessee calculation data is available in Lease Accounting Standard and Abstract and Journal Entry Summary Reports
    • Lessor calculation data is available in Journal Entry Summary Report

      Click here to watch our GASB webinar!

  • Ability for user to control proration of lease payments at the calculation level if a schedule starts or ends mid-period and the schedule and financial entry date range are not the same length
  • Historical Right of Use Book Value and Accumulated Amortization Balances shown in calculation grid and addition of final period journal entries to write off these balances for Finance leases
  • Ability to reclassify ASC 842 or IFRS 16 calculations to reflect the purchase of an asset
  • More complete support for recording Estimated Costs for Dismantling, Removing, and Restoring for IFRS 16 calculations
  • ASC 840 Capital Accounting: Schedules more accurately labeled and journal entries are included
  • Default Corporate Interest Rate may be set to 0% if you plan to use risk-free interest rate that is calculated as negative

Import Enhancements

Administrator Enhancements

User Interface Enhancements

  • Import Lease Information page has been updated with improved organization and clarity
  • User-level menu links changed to buttons and footer links renamed and moved to the left corner
  • Updated icons and other minor enhancements

Issues Resolved

  • Accounting
    • Resolved issue in which some calculation parameters were not listed in the export of accounting schedules
    • Resolved issue in which duplicate journal entries were created for remeasured calculations starting mid-month
    • Resolved issue in which the months portion of the Useful Life field was being ignored when the platform performed the lease type test
  • Reporting
    • Resolved issue in which calculations were included in Disclosure Report that were terminated mid-month
    • Resolved issue in which the Lease Accounting Report was not properly converting ROU Asset starting balances when flagged to use the current spot rate
    • Resolved issue in which Ad Hoc reports produced a generic error when including the Lease Accounting Schedule table
    • Resolved issue in which some schedules in the Lease Accounting Report or Ad Hoc Report could not be converted to the reporting currency
    • Resolved issue with some field value changes not reporting the User ID in the Change Log Report
  • Financials
  • Other Issues
Version 19.3.5 (February 8, 2020)
Issues Resolved
  • Lease Accounting
  • Reporting
    • Resolved issue in which lease liability and weighted averages were overstated in Disclosure Report when both Historical and Active calculations fall in the reporting period.
    • Resolved issue in which some leases shorter than 12 months were omitted from the Disclosure Report.
    • Resolved issue with the Lease Accounting Report not including leases for specific reporting periods.
    • Resolved issue where saved Ad Hoc reports had empty Currency columns.
  • Other Issues
Version 19.3.4 (January 22, 2020)
Issues Resolved

Corrected issue in which the IFRS 16 accounting standard had become unavailable when creating a calculation.

Version 19.3.3 (January 18, 2020)
  • Reporting
    • The Disclosure and Lease Accounting reports have been enhanced to include an option to convert non-monetary assets at the current spot rate rather than the historical spot rate.
    • The ROU Assets tab of the Disclosure Report includes a new Spot Rate column to hold the current period’s spot rate.
  • Two new Multiple Lease Update actions have been introduced to associate a contact to and disassociate a contact from a set of alerts. The existing Associate/Disassociate Contact actions are renamed for clarity.
Issues Resolved
  • Reporting
    • Corrected an issue in which figures in the Weighted Average supporting tab of the Disclosure Report were calculated incorrectly when converting currencies, causing the final weighted averages to be incorrect in the cover page.
    • Ad Hoc Reports with certain additional tables can now be generated.
    • Corrected an issue in which Ad Hoc reports that were created with additional report fields or tables were generated with only the first 300 leases.
    • Saved filters that included a Lease Type restriction are now being properly loaded into Standard Lease Reports.
  • Currency Rates
    • Corrected an issue when importing new currency rates from Open Exchange, where an error message stated that those rates were already imported.
  • Lease Accounting
    • Impaired calculations that were later modified produced negative ROU Asset Such situations are now corrected with a Gain on Modification journal entry posted as a credit in the positive amount of the negative portion of ROU Asset.
    • If you correct a calculation so that you indicate that lease payments are made one month prior, and you correct with the Adjustment method, no additional journal entries for ROU (SB) or Prepaid Rent are written after the Adjustment entries.
    • Reversal journal entries for full reversal corrections will now appear in blue if the period in which they’re posted is the current month.
  • Lease Administration
    • Corrected an intermittent issue in which you could not save or disassociate a contact record from a lease.
    • Corrected an issue where populating the Cost/Rentable Area field in Financials >Entries did not automatically populate the Amount field.
    • Corrected an issue where either no dates or many irrelevant dates were shown in the Critical Dates section of the lease sidebar.
Version 19.3.2 (December 7, 2019)
Issues Resolved
  • Disclosure Report:
    • An issue was causing the Maturity Analysis section of the Disclosure Report to incorrectly report lease liability for leases that were terminated before the maturity analysis period started. This issue has been resolved.
    • An issue was causing the Disclosure Report to incorrectly include full terminations of transition calculations ending after the reporting date range. This issue has been resolved.
  • Ad Hoc Report issues:
    • The Currency Conversion Rate column could not be added to an Ad Hoc Report. This has been resolved.
    • An error was encountered when changing the Reporting Currency when there are additional tables. This has been resolved.
  • An issue was found in which correction calculations for transitions showed error messages, but were saved. Also, the original calculations did not change status or have reversing journal entries. This has been resolved.
  • An issue was found in which Lease Expense journal entries were missing for calculations created before the Track Interest and Amortization for Operating Leases feature was introduced. This has been resolved.
  • Extra arrowheads were appearing to the right of Administrator Settings and Tools menu options, and has now been resolved.
Version 19.3.1 (November 23, 2019)
Lease Accounting Enhancements
  • Journal entries for “Correction” calculations that denote a full reversal can be posted in the last period that needs to be corrected or in the following period, regardless of whether the Accounting Feed module has been set up for the account.

Issues Resolved

  • Transition to New Accounting Standards
    • The platform no longer generates reversing financial entries when existing calculations are transitioned.
    • Lease records will no longer require a Tenant contact record to transition calculations.
  • The Abstract Report displayed inaccurate values for Monthly Cost/Unit Area and Annualized Cost/Unit Area.
  • Ad Hoc reports could not be run in Internet Explorer.
  • Active user records could not be copied in Administrator for SSO (single sign-on)
  • Fields specific to the Make Correction action were not being picked up by the Change Log Report.
  • An issue was causing Ad Hoc reports to include all lease records, instead of only those matching the selected filter.
  • An issue was causing the Lease Accounting (FASB/IASB) Standard Report to report blank values for currency conversion data and reporting currency values when the lease currency was the reporting currency.
Version 19.3 (November 9, 2019)

Watch the 19.3 Release Webinar Recording

19.3 Release Webinar-2

Lease Accounting Enhancements

Reporting Enhancements

Other Client Platform Enhancements

Administrator Enhancements

Accounting Feed Enhancements

Issues Resolved

Version 19.2.4 (September 28, 2019)

Lease Accounting Enhancements

  • Lease Incentives: Ability to create modification calculations that properly handle lease incentives received after commencement that were not included in the initial estimate. System will reduce the Right of Use Asset starting balance by the amount of the lease incentive received and produce the relevant journal entries.
  • Resolved issue in which the journal entries for a gain or loss on termination did not properly display when using a mid-period termination date.
  • Resolved issue in which the starting balance journal entries did not properly display for remeasurement calculations using a mid-period date.

Reporting Enhancements

  • Disclosure Report
    • The Disclosure Report will properly report ROU Assets Obtained in Exchange for Lease Liabilities for uploaded termination calculations.
    • Resolved issue in which the active periods of Historical calculations were not being included in the Lease Liability value when appropriate.
  • Resolved issue in which the Change Log Report was not tracking changes to user records.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Resolved issue in which lease filters created by administrators did not save with the correct permissions.
  • Resolved issue where period details were not properly displaying in the calendar view for financial entries with a frequency of monthly.
Version 19.2.3 (August 24, 2019)

Lease Accounting Enhancements

  • Lessor operating calculations can now be ended using the End Calculation (No Derecognition) action, both through the platform interface and import template.

  • Residual Value Guarantee values entered when creating transition calculations will display wherever initial accounting values are displayed in the platform, reports, and exports.

  • Improved default naming of remeasurement calculations to begin with the type of remeasurement (modification, impairment, etc.)

  • First period payments will now be prorated for modification calculations starting mid-month whether or not the Lease Payments Consistently Prepaid One Month Prior flag is selected.

  • CAM / OpEx payments designated as Variable for disclosure purposes will be flagged as such when sent to the Financials module for accounting processing.

Reporting Enhancements

  • Resolved display issue in which the Lease Accounting Standard Report did not consistently display opening balances depending upon date range selection.

  • Journal Entry Summary Report now includes the ability to filter by accounting standard and calculation status.

  • Resolved issue in which the amounts beyond five years of maturity in the Disclosure Report did not display properly in the supporting data when reporting in a non-lease currency.

  • Resolved issue in which the Administrator users who made changes to user records were not properly identified in the Change Log Report.

  • Resolved issue in which the CAM/OpEx additional table could not be added when creating an Ad Hoc Report.

Administrator Enhancement

  • Added the option to select discount rates for transition calculations based upon remaining lease term or original lease term.

  • Resolved issue in which VL administrators could not unlock users that were locked out of the platform.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Resolved issue in which system did not prompt user to update financials when extending the expiration date of the lease.

  • Resolved issue in which the latest information for a particular currency was not appearing consistently throughout the platform, such as currency name, abbreviation, and spot rate value.

Version 19.2.2 (July 27, 2019)

Financial/Accounting Enhancements

  • Resolved issue in which the Interest Rate Type from an original calculation was not carried over to a termination calculation.
  • Resolved issue in which certain financial entry deletions were correctly blocked but messages stated they were executed.

Reporting Enhancements

  • Updated the Lease Accounting Report to only display schedule starting and ending balances for calculations where the custom date range selected is inclusive of all calculation periods.
  • Disclosure Report Supporting Data:
    • Resolved display issue with date ranges and amounts in the Maturity Analysis tab for calendar year date ranges.
    • Resolved discrepancies in total values displayed for variable lease expense when currency conversion is applied to leases across multiple lease currencies.

Administrator Module Enhancements

  • Resolved issues in which active user records could not be copied or assigned two-factor authentication.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Resolves issue in which the main menu items at the top of the platform did not automatically expand when user moves the cursor over them.
Version 19.2.1 (July 22, 2019)

Reporting Enhancement

  • Multiple Report Date Ranges of different types can once again be applied to Ad Hoc Reports

Version 19.2 (July 13, 2019)

Version 19.2 Release Webinar

Performance Enhancements

  • Significant improvements on initial load times on the Dashboard, Lease List, and Standard Lease Reports pages.

  • Significantly faster generation of Disclosure Report when including currency conversion.

  • Significantly improved loading of pages with a sidebar search by changing the way Organizations are selected and included in a search filter.

Lease Accounting Enhancements

  • Remeasurements

    • Produce appropriate lease schedule and journal entries for full or partial terminations, which then flow to downstream reports and accounting feeds.

    • End Calculation action (both in UI and import template) will no longer derecognize assets, as part of interim solution to deal with calculations made in error.

  • Streamlined Lease Accounting User Interface

    • Only calculations that can be remeasured are available during the Create Remeasurement Calculation action.

  • Miscellaneous Lease Accounting Enhancements

    • Appropriate schedule columns for new standards will be adjusted when necessary to address rounding issues and ensure that lease liability burns down to zero.

    • Update Capital Lease Test action will set the lease type properly according to the relationship between the Net Present Value of payments and Fair Market Value.

    • The Manage Accounting Feed action will always respect the calculations selected, so that only intended entries appear in GL feeds.

    • All currency values in lease schedules shown in the interface and reports will be rounded to two decimal places.

    • Calculation wizard will only ask for inputs that are relevant for each scenario.

    • Active and inactive periods of schedules and journal entries will be formatted consistently for readability.

    • Useful Life Months field will be included in ROU Asset amortization method and will be extended to maximum of 9999.

    • Initial prepaid rent will no longer be deducted from first lease payment in a short term or low value transition calculation.

Reporting Enhancements

  • Disclosure Report

    • Separate itemizing for cash flows of short term and low value leases

    • Supporting Data tabs will include columns containing relevant currency conversion rates as reference.

    • Will only include Lease Liability for the latest remeasurement, if more than one exists in the same reporting period.

    • Present Value Discount and Lease Liability will have the proper value regardless of the Reporting Currency specified.

  • Change Log Report will now include tracking of changes within the Administrator module for the following system areas:

    • User records

    • System settings

    • Financial entry categories

    • Accounting discount rates

  • Change Log Report will now allow for the inclusion of archived leases in the report output

  • Lease Accounting (FASB/IASB) Standard Report

    • Converts the Lessor tab to same reporting currency as Lessee tab.

    • Lease schedules calculated with the simplified straight-line method will be reported in both Lease Currency and Reporting Currency.

  • Financial entries of all GL financial entry types will be available in the main Ad Hoc Report table.

Import Enhancements

  • Added a new import template and the ability to bulk import data to populate the Lease Information section of the Lease Accounting (FASB/IASB) page.

  • New “Land” column in the General Lease Information Import template for updating the land area of a real estate lease. 

  • Lease Accounting Calculation (FASB/IASB) Import

    • Lessor (sublease income) accounting can be imported

    • Enhanced logic for amortizing finance ROU Asset will also apply to imported calculations.

    • Only calculations explicitly designated for deleting will be deleted.

    • Clearer formatting and instructional information.

Version 19.1.8 (June 8, 2019)

Visual Lease Community Portal

The Support button will be moved above the menu bar and will link to a new Visual Lease Community portal. Here you can submit support cases, ask questions, read articles, view videos, and stay informed of upcoming releases. We will be adding base content over the next few weeks and continuously adding to it so you can take full advantage of our platform.
Version 19.1.7 (May 11, 2019)

Disclosure Reporting Enhancements

  • Enhanced ROU Assets supporting data tab to include values for Remeasurement calculations.
  • Resolved issue with categorization of lease expense for clients who choose not to take the practical expedient for Short Term leases.
  • Updated Maturity Analysis supporting data tab to exclude leases commencing after the reporting period.
  • Resolved issue in which weighted-average percentages for lease term and discount rates in the supporting data tab were not matching the Disclosure report in certain scenarios.
  • Resolved issue with date range logic for the initial row of Maturity Analysis section when using currency conversion.
  • Resolved issue in which intermediate supporting data was being rounded to whole numbers instead of two decimal places.
  • Implemented performance improvements for Disclosure report generation when including currency conversion.
Version 19.1.6 (April 20, 2019)

Disclosure Reporting

  • Addressed discrepancies in the Excel supporting data tabs to ensure values tie with the Disclosure Report for the “Expenses and Cash Flows” rows.
  • Resolved issue in which reports run in a currency other than lease currency did not present the full converted total for Sublease Income.
  • Resolved issue in which reports run for calendar year date range incorrectly displayed fiscal year date ranges in the Maturity Analysis section.
  • Resolved issue in which some non-monthly variable payments were not properly being included in the Variable Lease Expense row.
  • Resolved display issue with date range labels in Maturity Analysis section for IFRS 16.
Version 19.1.5 (April 10, 2019)


  • Addressed issue in the Disclosure Report in which Operating Lease Expense value was overstated when using a reporting currency other than “lease currency”.
Version 19.1.4 (April 6, 2019)

Lease Accounting Fixes

  • Implemented messaging to alert users when an original calculation will be impacted by a remeasurement and added system logic to disallow scenarios where original calculation and remeasurement calculation have different statuses in order to preserve data integrity.
  • Resolved issue with final period interest calculation for partial months when calculating NPV using the “end of period” method
  • Adjusted Journal Entries for 840 Operating, IAS 17 Operating, Short Term and Low Value calculations
    • Appropriate journal entries will be included for modifications in which lease payments are made at the end of the previous month.
    • Resolved issue in which initial prepaid rent was not being credited for short term and low value leases.
  • Lease Information Section
    • Month-to-Month indicator included when appropriate.
    • Resolved issue in which updated answers to the lease type test questions did not flow down to the calculation wizard.
    • Updated field layout and organization for better clarity.
  • ASC 840 and IAS 17 Standards
    • Resolved issues in how Residual Value Guarantee is handled for Capital calculations.
    • Probable amount field has been removed from the initial accounting values step of the calculation wizard.

Reporting Enhancements and Fixes

  • Lease Accounting (FASB/IASB) Standard Report
    • Report updated to convert Amortization column to reporting currency using the historic spot rate.
    • Resolved issue in which report was using calculation start and end dates instead of the date range selected in report options when generating the output.
  • Disclosure Report
    • Report updated to convert amortization values for lease expense to reporting currency using the historic spot rate.
    • Implemented validation to ensure that users enter consecutive date ranges (for example, 2019, 2020, and 2021 for Calendar Year, or 03/2019, 06/2019, and 09/2019 for Quarter Ending).
    • Changes in ROU due to remeasurement will be included in the ROU assets obtained in exchange for lease liabilities
    • Resolved issue in which Disclosure Report included cash flows in the Maturity Analysis section for leases commencing after the reporting end date.
    • Resolved issue in which Disclosure Report did not include cash flows in the Maturity Analysis section when quarter ending reporting date range is used.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Resolved issue in which financial entry field values at the transaction level were not being saved properly.
  • Corrected display issue with certain financial categories in the import template

Administrator Enhancement

  • Administrators can manage the lease record types for their accounts without Visual Lease support, in the Record Type page of the Administrator tool. Use this page to distinguish real estate records from other types, assign records as expense or income leases, and grant leases eligibility for short term or low value practical expedients.
Version 19.1.3 (March 30, 2019)

Lease Accounting

  • Resolved issue with initial period interest calculation for Capital to Finance transitions
  • Resolved issue with some types of IFRS 16 calculations being categorized as short term when the lease record type was not eligible for short term treatment
  • Resolved issue with short term and low value expense and deferred rent journal entries


  • Resolved issues with Lease Accounting (FASB/IASB) Standard Report
    • Corrected display issue with duplicate and missing rows that occurred for some leases
    • Addressed issue with missing currency conversion for leases with a mid-period expiration date
  • Addressed issue in the Disclosure Report that caused miscategorization of leases as short term under certain specific conditions


  • Resolved issue in which users were unable to change password in certain situations
Version 19.1.2 (March 16, 2019)

Lease Accounting

  • Resolved issue with FASB/IASB Discount Rate table to ensure it utilizes the calculation start date as opposed to the lease commencement date to pre-populate the discount rate.
  • Resolved issue in which Weighted-Average Remaining Lease Terms in the PDF and Excel Disclosure Reports were not matching the figures in the Weighted-Averages supporting data output.
  • Addressed display issue for Total P&L Expense values for IFRS 16 calculations in Excel Disclosure supporting data output.
  • Addressed display issue for Useful Life and Fair Market Value percentage threshold values to ensure consistency on both the Lease Accounting page and the Export Schedules report.
  • Addressed display issue for Low Value Lease indicator on Lease Information section so that it only appears when IFRS 16 is selected as an accounting standard and the lease’s record type is eligible for the Low Value Lease practical expedient.


  • Addressed issue with Right of Use and Lease Liability values before Remeasurement when importing Remeasurement calculations with a type of “Modification”.


  • Updated default setting for Accounting Standards in Administrator->System Settings for subset of client databases that did not propagate these defaults with the 19.1 release


Version 19.1.1 (March 12, 2019)

Reporting Fix

  • Resolved issue in which some Standard Lease Reports were appearing as greyed out and made inaccessible for a subset of VL users.
Version 19.1 (March 9, 2019)

Version 19.1 Recorded Webinar

Lease Accounting Enhancements

  • Improvements to Remeasurement Calculations
    • Changes to the Remeasurement Wizard
      • Added a new field ‘Remeasurement Type’ where the user can indicate the remeasurement as being a Modification, Impairment, Termination or Abandonment.
      • Made calculations based on ASC 840, IAS 17 or Straight-Line Rent ineligible for remeasurement.
    • Adjustments to the way Modification calculations are handled:
      • Under the new approach, Visual Lease calculates the difference between the original and new lease liability and then posts an adjusting journal entry to Lease Liability with an associated offset to ROU assets.
    • Added Support for Impairment Scenarios:
      • Added new wizard fields needed for full and partial impairment calculations.
      • Added impairment calculation logic to produce the appropriate lease schedule and journal entries for full or partial impairments, which then flow to downstream reports and accounting feeds.
    • Enhancements to the Schedule Uploader for pre-calculated lease schedules and journal entries. Uploader now handles modifications, impairment, termination and abandonment.
  • Improvements for handling Short-Term and Low Value Leases per ASC 842 and IFRS 16 Practical Expedients
    • Added the ability to flag leases, by asset class, as eligible for short-term or low value handling.
    • Added new Lease Information section to FASB/IASB page to highlight and allow modification of key lease accounting information.
    • Added the ability to flag month-to-month leases for short-term treatment irrespective of lease term.
    • Updated the lease accounting engine to produce simplified straight-line accounting schedules and journal entries for short-term and low value leases, which then flow to downstream reports and accounting feeds.
  • Enhancements to the Disclosure Report
    • Adjustments to the Disclosure Report to display short term and low value lease expense and cash flows.
  • Miscellaneous Lease Accounting Enhancements
    • For IFRS 16 Finance leases, the system will now amortize the ROU Asset based upon either the useful life or the lesser of the useful life and lease term, based on the Lease Type Test.
    • Improved validation for starting balances of Lease Liability journal entries when creating calculations using the Schedule Uploader.
    • Added an ‘Action’ allowing users to update the ‘Send to Accounting Feed’ field in lease accounting calculations.

Reporting Enhancements

  • Ad Hoc Reports
    • The FASB/IASB Schedule in Additional Tables now gives you opening and closing balances in the currency specified in Report Settings.
  • FASB/IASB Standard Report
    • Blank rows between calculations have been removed to make filtering and sorting easier in Excel.
    • A ‘Cumulative Translation Adjustment’ (CTA) column has been added to indicate the Liability adjustment when report is run across multiple currencies.
  • The PDF version of the Disclosure Report has a clearer font and more descriptive date range labels in the Maturity Analysis section.

Import Enhancements

  • The Financials Import Template now allows you to import Invoice Numbers, Invoice Dates and Custom Financial fields.
  • The General Lease Information Import Template now allows you to import Rentable Area Effective Date.

Financial Enhancements

  • Financial entries and transactions treated as variable payments are flagged as such in various places.

Miscellaneous Enhancements/Fixes

  • You can now search Regions in the Quick Search field.
  • Administrator:
    • System Settings > Lease Financials Defaults
      • The ‘IASB Only’ field has been replaced with a selection for all available Accounting Standards, allowing the Administrator to be more specific on what options should appear throughout the system.
      • There is a new field for the default thresholds for IFRS 16 Low Value leases
    • Tools > User Login Report
      • Administrators of accounts set up for Single Sign-On can see the SSOID field in the Users page and User Login Report.
    • Currency
      • The Spot Rate Conversion and Average Value fields have been extended to 10 decimal places.
Version 18.4.5 (January 26, 2019)

FASB/IASB Enhancements & Fixes

  • Financial categories can be set up to post journal entries to GL feeds that are relevant to lessor accounting (i.e. Income leases).
  • Implemented logic to address additional scenarios where journal entries did not balance due to minor rounding issues
  • Addressed issue with lease type test input values to ensure they properly display after the calculation has been processed.

General Ledger Feed Enhancement

  • New version of the standard feed provides Offset Account Number and Offset Account Name columns after GL Account Number and GL Account Name.

Reporting Enhancements and Fixes

  • Disclosure Report:
    • Addressed display issues in the Maturity Analysis section for quarter ending and custom date ranges.
    • Addressed display issue for Sublease Income when Reporting Currency is included.
    • Addressed display issue to ensure that all weighted-average values display two decimal places.
  • Resolved issue in which the Abstract Report was displaying the incorrect Cost per Rentable Area.

Import Enhancements and Fixes

  • Resolved issue with system not properly processing values entered for capital to finance transition calculations.
Version 18.4.4 (January 12, 2019)

FASB/IASB Enhancements

  • Implemented a new action, “Create Transition Calculation from Schedule Upload”, to allow users to upload pre-calculated schedules and journal entries for unique scenarios when transitioning to ASC 842 or IFRS 16.
  • If allocations lead to an uneven total journal entry amount, the difference is added to the largest allocation to prevent GL feed loading issues due to imbalances.
  • If a lease under ASC 842 is determined to be Finance, the system will appropriately amortize the ROU Asset based upon the useful life or the lesser of the useful life and lease term, as dictated by responses to the lease type test questions.
  • Enhanced calculation logic to handle scenarios where the initial prepaid rent amount entered is equal to the total remaining lease obligation.
  • Resolved display issue with answers to Lease Type Test questions in the calculations grid of the user interface
  • Disclosure Report updates:
    • The Maturity Analysis section of the Disclosure report has been enhanced to account for partial first years, and full years beginning with the account-designated fiscal year after the first year.
    • Weighted average figures in the Other Information section are based on values calculated after currency conversion, when applicable.
    • Display issue with date range labels was corrected and format of labels in Maturity Analysis was enhanced to ensure clarity, especially when running the report for quarter ending periods.
    • Issue with report filtering logic was addressed to ensure that ROU Asset values for newly commenced leases in the reporting period only are included
    • Report logic for short-term lease expenses has been updated to ensure inclusion of leases that are exactly 12 months in length
    • Resolved issue with short-term lease expenses being excluded from Maturity Analysis cash flows for some leases
    • Report logic was enhanced to ensure that starting balances for calculations created prior to v18.3 are properly displayed
    • Report filtering logic was updated to ensure that variable lease expenses display properly when Accounting Standards filter is applied and when leases of mixed financial types are included.

Import Enhancements

  • FASB/IASB Import
    • Improved error message when required information is not provided for Operating to Finance transition calculations.
    • Enhanced template formatting and instructional text to improve ease of use.

Security Enhancements

  • Implemented additional security enhancements to ensure that all pages remain restricted to properly authenticated users.
Version 18.4.3 Release (January 2, 2019)
  • Implemented update to resolve issue with loading the Standard Lease Reports page.
Version 18.4.2 Release (December 22, 2018)

FASB/IASB Enhancements

  • Implemented update to resolve display issue with Starting Balance rows in the FASB/IASB Standard report for a subset of lease calculations
  • Implemented update to resolve issue with handling of Opening Deferred Rent Balance for Transition calculations where Lease Type at Transition is classified as Operating
  • Implemented update to resolve display issue with Financial Calendar for specific leases
Version 18.4.1 Release (December 15, 2018)

FASB/IASB Enhancements

  • Disclosure Report
    • Resolved issue with system validation when selecting a custom date range in Report Options.
    • Figures in different currencies will now be converted as per standards.
  • Lessor Accounting
    • Resolved issue with system validation for Receivables
  • Ad Hoc reports will now successfully run with the FASB/IASB Schedule additional table when selecting the lease currency as the reporting currency.

Auto Importing Enhancements

  • Corrected issue with uploading Financial Entries.
  • When a remeasurement calculation is auto-imported, all of its parameters will display in Visual Lease.
Version 18.4 Release (December 1, 2018)

Version 18.4 Webinar

Visual Lease 18.4 is now available.

View the webinar recording to learn more about the updates and improvements.

Click the link to register and gain access to the recording: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/7594290924329324035 


Version 18.4 Release Notes


FASB/IASB Enhancements

  • Lessor Accounting: Ability to designate a Financial Type of “Expense” or “Income” at the lease level. Leases designated as “Income” will have Lessor Accounting logic applied to their FASB/IASB calculations.
  • IAS 17 Operating Leases: Create new calculations for IAS 17 Operating leases and transition calculations from IAS 17 Operating to IFRS 16 Finance.
  • Journal Entry Uploader - FASB/IASB Lease Schedule Upload template now allows users to upload pre-calculated journal entries along with lease schedules.
  • Currency Options for Discount Rates: FASB/IASB discount rates established in Administrator will include Currency as an option to apply different rates for different currencies.
  • Updated field label for IFRS 16 wizard for inputs related to Estimated Costs for Dismantling, Removing and Restoring assets.
  • Help text for Lease Schedule grid has been updated with more detailed descriptions and explicit formulas for how each column is calculated.

Financial Enhancements

  • New GL Subtypes
    • Sale-Leaseback Transactions: New subtype can be assigned to a financial category for reporting gains or losses on sale-leaseback transactions in the FASB/IASB Disclosure report.
    • Mapping of Journal Entries: Additional fields have been included on financial categories to allow for more granular mapping of journal entries to GL feeds.  New fields include Lease Type, Accounting Standard and Record Type (Asset Class).
  • Invoice Information: Financial entries and transactions will have the option to include Invoice Number, Invoice Date, and four custom text fields.
  • Allocation Options: Improved allocations so that charge codes can be assigned as a string of component codes selected from drop down menu. Component lists can be managed by Administrators.

Reporting Enhancements

  • FASB/IASB Disclosure Report:
    • Enhanced flexibility for date ranges allows users to run the report by fiscal year, calendar year, quarter ending or a custom date range.
  • Currency Conversions: FASB/IASB Standard and Disclosure reports will now perform currency conversions from one or more lease currencies to a single reporting currency.
  • Journal Entry Summary Report: Option to view Lease Liability as one entry or itemized by short-term and long-term in alignment with the setting selected in the Administrator module.

Import Enhancements

  • FASB/IASB Import
    • Template can be used to activate pending or hypothetical calculations.
    • “Calculation Name to End” column renamed “Calculation Name to Action” for improved clarity.
    • System will use the discount rate based on Administrator settings for any calculations where discount rate is not included in the import template.
  • Lease General Information: Import template now includes Effective Date for area data.
  • Import Currency: Template has been adjusted to match field names in the Visual Lease user interface.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Vendor Number search field: Added a Vendor Number search field in the sidebar of the main Contacts page and Search Contacts dialogue to allow for better identification of contacts loaded from a Vendor Management System.
  • Restrictions on Editing Vendor Records: Ability to edit vendor (payee) records can be restricted to specific users.
Version 18.3.3 Release (October 27, 2018)

FASB/IASB Enhancements

  • Import
    • If the Explicit Rate or Incremental Cost of Borrowing are not specified in the template, the system will use the appropriate discount rate established by your Visual Lease Administrator
  • Lease Accounting Calculation Engine
    • Corrected an issue that prevented users from saving IFRS 16 calculations.
  • Journal Entries
    • Addressed issues with starting balance journal entries when transition calculations are run with no existing calculation selected.
    • Addressed issue with lease liability being overstated when flag to track short term and long term lease liabilities is enabled.
Version 18.3.2 Release (October 13, 2018)

FASB/IASB Enhancements

  • Import
    • Asset Value (Net) column will be removed from FASB Import template, because it is calculated by VL from the Gross and Depreciation values.
    • Existing straight-line rent calculations can be included in transitions
    • Validation error message regarding dates for transition calculations have been clarified.
    • A transition calculation will not be created by an import unless it passes validation.
    • VL will validate imported data for Capital Lease Asset Value (Gross), Capital Lease Asset Accumulated Depreciation, and Capital Lease Liability when no calculations are indicated for transition.
  • Lease Accounting Calculation Engine
    • Short-term Lease Liability corrected when entry includes abatement period
    • The proper discount rate for a calculation will be applied dynamically as the date range changes
    • Schedule and journal entries for Capital to Finance transitions will only be affected by Capital Lease Asset Value at Transition (Net) and Capital Lease Liability at Transition.
  • Journal Entry Generation for Day 1
    • Journal entries will properly be generated for Lease Incentives and Initial Direct Costs.
    • Starting Balance references “(SB)” added to entries for transition calculations
  • Currency fields will be properly aligned in the wizard and long calculation names will wrap in the FASB/IASB page header.

Reporting Enhancements

  • FASB/IASB Disclosure calculations for the Lease Liability row in Maturity Analysis and ROU assets row in Other Information have been corrected.
  • FASB/IASB Standard Report
    • Will include the Present Value column when desired for calculation debugging
    • Schedule column shifting issue is resolved and ROU Asset values now match between the report and the FASB/IASB page.
  • The Change Log Report will be available to all accounts, with certain user restrictions.
  • Journal Entry Summary Report will either report Lease Liability as one entry or break it out into short-term and long-term entries.
  • Financial Variance: Show Lease Data check box is aligned with other check boxes.

Miscellaneous Enhancements/Fixes 

  • As part of the effort to add Lease Security support for accounting feeds, users in the ExecuteAPFeed user group can now be assigned Lease Security.
  • All selected information will be copied when using Save As function to copy a lease.
  • Clicking Show History for any financial entry will no longer produce an Invalid column name error.
  • An error when creating lease express records in certain accounts has been fixed.
  • Administrator menu option for Contact Roles is properly labeled.
  • Account Dashboard will no longer lead to time out errors.
  • Lease IDs will have no trailing spaces in Ad Hoc reports
Version 18.3.1 Release (September 29, 2018)

FASB/IASB Enhancements

  • Import
    • The Import FASB/IASB Template will include new columns and a new Action to accommodate transition calculations.
    • The FASB/IASB tab of the template will include all the same fields and labels as the FASB/IASB calculation wizard.
  • Lease Accounting Calculation Engine
    • Capital Asset Value at Transition (Net) will always be computed when transitioning from a Capital lease.
    • If a transition calculation is determined to be Capital to Finance, all initial accounting fields except Capital values at Transition will be ignored.
    • The Save button at the end of the calculation wizard will be disabled until the NPV is calculated and appears.
    • Financial entries treated as End of Lease Obligations will always be applied to the last payment in a schedule, regardless of whether lease payments are consistently paid one month prior.
    • Corrected an issue running calculations for IASB Only accounts.
    • Starting Balance of Gross Liability (Cash Basis) in the FASB/IASB Schedule will be the total of all Lease Payments (Cash Basis).
  • Calculation Wizard
    • Residual Value Guarantee field in calculation wizard clearly identified as used for the lease type test.
    • Currency values entered in the FASB/IASB wizard will always appear rounded to two decimal places
    • Allowed changes to the Transition and Remeasurement Date are only possible at step "0" of each wizard, and these field values populate the Start Date in Step 2.
    • Files uploaded via the FASB Schedule Upload wizard will go through basic validation such as checking the periods are sorted and consecutive.
    • Update Capital Lease Test changes now reflecting in page immediately
  • Journal Entries
    • Several issues in Day 1 journal entries for transitioning have been addressed
    • When the Update Capital Lease Test action on a calculation results in a lease type change, the journal entries will reflect that change.
    • When a lease is copied and includes FASB/IASB calculations, all journal entries will also be copied.
  • Disclosure Report
    • Adjustments in the calculation of the Lease Liability entry in the Maturity Analysis section .
    • Adjustments in the calculation of the Thereafter entry in the Maturity Analysis section.
  • The ROU Asset (Balance Sheet) values in the schedule on the FASB/IASB page will match the FASB/IASB Schedule additional table in Ad Hoc reports.
  • Capital Lease Asset (Balance Sheet) column renamed ROU Asset (Balance Sheet) for all new accounting standards and lease types in the New FASB/IASB Standard and FASB/IASB Abstract reports and the schedule export file.

Miscellaneous Enhancements/Fixes

  • When searching for a Category in Add/Edit Financial Entry using the type-ahead feature, the account/expense Code will appear next to each matching category, and the Code can be used as a search criterion.
  • Instructions for Import Currency will include proper Effective Date formatting, and the template will indicates that Abbr and Average Value columns are required.
  • The Add Payee link in the Payees section is now working properly with Internet Explorer
  • Save button in System Settings page of Administrator is now fully visible.
  • Several issues occurring when saving calculations have been addressed.
  • Missing journal entries issue for ASC 842 Operating calculations has been resolved.
  • Help text for FASB schedules correctly describes each column.
Version 18.3 Release (September 15, 2018)

Version 18.3 Webinar

Visual Lease 18.3 is now available.

View the webinar recording to learn more about the updates and improvements, 

Click the link to register and gain access to the recording: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/200122504516127490

Version 18.3 Release Notes

FASB/IASB Enhancements

Enhancements to the Lease Accounting Module:

  • FASB/IASB Day 1 Transition
    • Added full support for transition to the new accounting standards, allowing users to create transition calculations from existing ASC 840 or straight-line rent calculations to ASC 842 or from IAS 17 to IFRS 16, using the new “Create Transition Calculation” action.
    • System produces comprehensive journal entries when transitioning to the new standards or creating a new lease accounting calculation.
    • Addition of input field for transition calculations to capture ASC 420 Exit or Disposal Cost Obligations
  • Lease Accounting Calculation Engine
    • Improved journal entry generation for New and Transition calculations, including journal entries for short term and long term lease liability, better Day 1 journal entry detail, breakout of interest and amortization for finance leases and more!
    • Added an entirely new calculation to handle leases that are consistently prepaid one month prior
    • Improved the inclusion of options “likely to be exercised” when running FASB/IASB calculations
    • Made the calculation wizard even easier to use by ensuring only relevant input fields appear for each calculation type and scenario
    • Added the ability for Administrators to optionally track short term and long term lease liability
    • Improved Residual Value handling by adding fields to capture Probable Amount Owed per Residual Value Guarantee and Residual Value Guarantee per Lease Agreement
    • Enhanced validation to ensure that financial entries designated as “End of Lease Obligations” are set up as one-time payments and have an effective date that aligns with the assumed end date of the FASB/IASB calculation
  • Empowered users to handle lease accounting scenarios not accounted for by our calculation engine by providing the ability to upload pre-calculated schedules into the FASB/IASB module.
  • Enhanced the ability to flag variable payments at any point during the lease lifecycle and have them flow through to the Disclosure Report. Financial entries can now be identified as variable separately for GAAP or IFRS.
  • Added the ability to export the Lease Accounting Schedule for one or more calculations directly from the FASB/IASB page
  • Significant improvements to the FASB/IASB Import Template to ensure consistency and ease of use when bulk importing FASB/IASB calculations

Financial Enhancements

  • Ability to configure the Variable Rent module to support other types of variable rent calculations such as royalties, commissions and other non-sales scenarios by allowing rates to be optionally entered as whole numbers instead of percentages
  • Users in the ReadAllEditFinance user group can now upload invoice documents to the CAM / OpEx module.

Reporting Enhancements

  • New Change Log Report (for SOX compliance) allows users to track changes to all fields on the Lease General, Financial Entries and FASB/IASB pages
  • New Journal Entry Summary Report allows users to sort and filter journal entries by a range of criteria
  • FASB Disclosure Report:
    • Option to show report criteria such as lease filters, calculation status, etc. on a separate page when report is generated
    • Adjusted calculation for Short-Term Lease Expense to exclude leases with a term of one month or less
  • Design improvements and addition of filters for accounting standard and calculation status to FASB Abstract Report

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Added the ability to lock the Vendor Number field to ensure that vendor information is sourced from the ERP and that all payees have a Vendor Number
  • Added the ability for Administrator to assign a default tenant when adding or editing organizations
  • Enhanced the “Import Currency” template to make loading FX rates easier and more intuitive
  • Significant performance improvements for the Main Dashboard, Lease List, Lease pages and Ad Hoc Reports
Version 18.2 Release (June 9, 2018)

Version 18.2 Webinar

Visual Lease 18.2 is now available.

View the webinar recording to learn more about the updates and improvements, 

Click the link to register and gain access to the recordinghttps://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/2854132465922042113


Version 18.2 Release Notes


FASB/IASB Enhancements

Enhancements to the Lease Accounting Module:
  • Create, end or remeasure FASB/IASB calculations using a mid-period start or end date
  • Display FASB/IASB reversing entries in the Financial Calendar and throughout the relevant reports
  • Allow financial entries scheduled after the lease end date to be included in FASB/IASB calculations to better support options that are "likely to be exercised"
  • Hide Capital Lease Test for IASB calculations and IASB-only client databases
  • Include data for retrospective calculations when running a FASB/IASB Disclosure Report with one or two year look back
  • Hide calculations with "historical" status, when presenting the list of existing calculations upon which to base a remeasurement calculation
  • Option to automate running of capital lease test to determine the lease type for each record when using the FASB/IASB import tool
  • Help text for the FASB/IASB Lease Schedule which explains how the calculations are derived
  • Adjustment of various labels in the FASB/IASB calculation wizard inputs for better clarity
  • New field  to allow for entry of "Probable Amount Owed at End of Lease" during FASB/IASB calculation input
  • Adjust Discount Rate step to allow entry of an Explicit rate and support future calculations of Implicit Borrowing Rate
  • Set a fixed width for columns in FASB/IASB calculations to easily compare and contrast multiple calculations


Lease Enhancements

  • Ability to specify that an option is “likely to be exercised,” and the ability to view that status when viewing Options and in Ad Hoc Reports
  • New Allocations Import Template to allow bulk creation and modifications of Lease Space and Financial Allocations
  • Improved messaging when a user enters an invalid Location ID for a lease during import


Financial Enhancements

  • New FASB/IASB columns as available GL Sub Types for Financial Category Administration, allowing FASB data to have Chart of Account values mapped for GL feeds
  • Inclusion of Receivables for Income leases within Straight-Line Rent calculations
  • Update to Replace Payee to better handle cases when financial entries needing replacement are included in a Straight-Line Rent calculation
  • Ability for Cost per Rentable Area (CPRA) calculation to be turned off for a financial entry or increase which allows the user to specify the exact CPRA values
  • Increase to the number of digits available, both before and after the decimal place, when specifying the sales rate in Percent Rent Formulas
  • Improved messaging to clarify that a user cannot edit the Lease Expiration Date when the new date would cause modifications to financial transactions that have been included in one or more accounting feeds


Reporting Enhancements

  • Select which financial categories to include in the Financial Variance Report output
  • New FASB/IASB Abstract Report that includes the full picture of each lease including Accounting data
  • Capability to filter Ad Hoc Reports by FASB/IASB Accounting Standard
  • Refined default report options for the Financial Analysis Report to simplify setup for the most common use cases
  • Ability to specify a data range to filter the FASB/IASB Report output
  • Ability to specify a date range to filter the Critical Dates Report output


Security Enhancements

  • Ability to lock out users that have multiple failed login attempts
  • Enhanced security for users without rights to view the Notes tab, hiding the tab for those users
  • Enhanced security for users without rights to view the Financials tab, hiding the tab for those users
  • Allow Administrators to set a future date upon which user access will be terminated


Administrator Enhancements

  • Customize Standard Report names
  • New Field Customizations page to allow account Administrators to modify their account configuration
  • Visibility on Financial Categories modification screen to show the parent/child relationship for forecast categories


Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Mapping functionality enhancements including a new "cluster" view for tightly grouped map points
  • Align customized field labels across tabs and sidebar
  • “Account Settings” link renamed to “User Settings” to better reflect the settings that users can manage via this page
  • Support for special characters in the Quick Search
  • Improved back-end processing of FASB/IASB and Cost per Rentable Area (CPRA) calculations to ensure optimal performance
Version 18.1 Release (March 17, 2018)

Version 18.1 Recorded Webinar



Version 18.1 Release Notes


All New FASB/IASB Module

Major enhancements to the Lease Accounting Module:
  • Ability to run individual, independent calculations for FASB 840, FASB 842, IAS 17 and IFRS 16
  • Calculations for hypothetical scenarios, retrospective reporting and many others
  • Remeasure Calculations and automated computation and creation of reverse journal entries for lease term change
  • Remeasure Calculations, derecognize asset and liability values, and automated computation and creation of reverse journal entries
  • End Calculations, derecognize asset and liability values, and automated computation and creation of reverse journal entries
  • Produce qualitative Disclosure Reports right from your Visual Lease accounting data
  • Better visualization of Short-Term versus Long-Term Lease Liabilities
  • Better handling for IFRS only portfolios

Don't delay getting started on your migration to the new module today to ensure your compliance. Contact your account manager for a preview and to get a glimpse into these and upcoming features today.


FASB/IASB Enhancements

  • New Administrator System Settings fields to indicate whether Lease Test Threshold amounts should be used. If used, values can be changed from the default of 75% of Useful Life and 90% of Fair Market Value
  • New Override Reason fields for the Capital Lease Test whenever a default answer is overridden
  • Added Deferred Rent Starting to FASB Calculations
  • Added Initial Prepaid/Accrued Rent as an input to the FASB calculation. FASB calculation engine adjusted to include this new input which raises the Lease Expense while not inflating Lease Payments
  • Enhanced FASB Schedule include Deferred Rent and Deferred Rent Running Balance for Operating leases
  • New Journal Entries section to view FASB schedule data in Journal Entry form, including the details of the entries that will be made
  • Added Export Schedule feature


Currency Conversion / FX Rates Enhancements

  • Added Effective Date to the Currency table in the Administrator module to enable the tracking of changing currency rates over time
  • Added currency rates from OpenExchangeRates.org that refresh daily on a Visual Lease reference table available for Client Administrator use
  • Added Import Rates button to the Administrator Currency page to allow customer databases to import rates from Visual Lease reference table on demand


New Security Enhancements

  • New Single Sign On capability to allow user authentication from Federated Security Sources
  • New functionality to allow Import Lease Financial Entries usage for specific users
  • New functionality to hide the Projects module from specific users


Lease Enhancements

  • Updated Lease Alert Recipients display to include full contact information for alert recipients, making it easier to identify the alert targets
  • New Quick Search field within the Select Organization popu
  • Renamed the Asset Class field to Record Type to better denote that field's purpose


Cost per Rentable Area Enhancement

  • New Cost per Rentable Area field which can be entered to drive lease financial amounts or computed based on lease financial amounts
  • Updated Financial Increases section to include Cost per Rentable Area at each change in lease terms
  • Expanded the view of Recurring Financial Increases to allow the entry or computation of Cost per Rentable Area for each instance of a recurring change


Financial Enhancements

  • Added Forecast calculations action on Multiple Lease Update for budgeting/projections purposes
  • Enhanced Financial Filters on Entries page to include only Financial Types used on each lease
  • Enhanced Financial Filters on Entries page to include additional options such as Forecasts and GL Entries
  • Enhanced the Financial Category selection by replacing the existing drop-down list with a type-ahead feature to quickly select known categories. For more detailed searching added the ability to select and view the full hierarchy of financial categories
  • Added Comments field to Financial Increases section
  • Updated Administrator Financial Category screen to allow mapping to other Financial Categories for Forecasting and Straight Line Rent automation functions


Reporting Enhancements

  • Updated Ad Hoc and Abstract Reports to include Cost per Rentable Area values where the Financial Entries are displayed
  • Added Deferred Rent Starting Balance to Straight Line Rent Standard Report