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Visual Lease

ASC 842 Planning Workshop:

Lease Accounting Compliance in 2021

Register now for this webinar on March 9th at 12:00 PM EST.

Preparing for ASC 842 compliance is incredibly demanding. One of the most difficult parts is knowing what needs to be done – and when.

Don’t fall behind on the important milestones you need to meet this year to comply with the private company deadline.

In this webinar, we will guide you through each step of preparation and share an associated timeline to set up your company for a successful transition. You will learn:

  • The ideal period to begin each phase of lease accounting preparation
  • How much time to allocate to each step
  • A read-out of lease accounting best practices 
Let us help you map out your plan to achieve lease accounting compliance. As a bonus, each webinar attendee will receive access to our exclusive Lease Accounting Milestone Planner tool.   

Joe Fitzgerald, SVP of Lease Market Strategy

With more than 20 years in finance and lease accounting consulting, Joe informs our product roadmap, deepens strategic partnerships, and supports go-to-market strategy. Previously, Joe served as EY's practice leader for Lease Accounting and Technology, helping companies navigate the technology landscape for the new lease accounting standards.

Alex B

Alexandra Betesh, VP of Client Services

Alexandra gained tremendous experience in lease accounting and lease management throughout various client-facing roles at Visual Lease over the past seven years. Today, she is the Vice President of Client Services, responsible for the customer experience and successful adoption of the Visual Lease platform for all Visual Lease customers.


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