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10 Lease Accounting FAQs to Know Ahead of the Deadlines

Why it’s Crucial to Manage Lease Obligations Way Before the Deadline

On Demand Webinar

Now more than ever, it’s incredibly important to have a reliable way to view your financial lease obligations. Although some lease accounting compliance deadlines may be delayed due to COVID-19, preparing now can help you save money on your lease liability payments.

In this webinar, we will answer the top 10 questions we receive about the new lease accounting standards. We will share insight and knowledge about what you can do to be better prepared during the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to your leases, and how it can help you prepare for the compliance deadlines in the future.

You will learn:

  • Key facts about ASC 842, IFRS 16 and GASB 87
  • How lease accounting software can help you beyond just compliance
  • The important clauses to collect now within your leases