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How to Track and Gain Control of Your Lease Costs and the Impact of COVID-19​

Discover how your company can leverage lease accounting software to control rising lease costs

The simplest way to control high or rising lease costs is by tracking key lease information with robust lease administration software. Bill Harter and April Miller, of Visual Lease, take a close look at how companies of all sizes can increase control over their leases, such as their contract clauses and related expenses associated with COVID-19.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Explain how to capture pertinent lease clause information for future reference.
  • Give examples of expert tips to track and manage critical lease information.
  • Recognize key lease management information that can help your business gain control of your leases.


  • Bill Harter, Visual Lease Subject Matter Expert
  • April Miller, Visual Lease Implementation Manager

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