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Lease Optimization: How to Unlock Financial Opportunities in 2021

Gain key insights on emerging lease trends

The workplace has forever changed. Regardless of size or industry, many organizations are considering flexible work arrangements and creative co-working spaces as permanent fixtures of their business. Now is the time to revisit existing lease portfolios to better accommodate new business needs.

Join Marc Betesh, founder, chairman and CEO at Visual Lease, and Joe Fitzgerald, senior vice president of lease marketing strategy at Visual Lease, as they share key insights from the “2021 Lease Lifecycle Management Trends” report, featuring new data from private and public companies representing a wide range of industries.

In this webinar, we: 

  • Identify emerging lease needs
  • Reflect on lease adjustments and the impact on your balance sheet
  • Review critical lease clauses to know 
  • Uncover opportunities for improvement and savings