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Managing Short-Term, Long-Term, and Month-to-Month Leases (and Everything in Between)

Learn how to handle contract status changes

Different lease contracts are managed in different ways – and can be more complex than you think.

What happens if a short-term lease becomes a long-term lease? Or if a long-term lease becomes a month-to-month lease? How do you manage these transitions?

Visual Lease's resident lease accounting expert is here to demystify it in this webinar, where he breaks down:

  • How to define different lease types
  • How to manage the transition when lease statuses change
  • How to streamline the process

Meet the Presenter:

Bill Harter is a Subject Matter Expert for Lease Accounting here at Visual Lease. Bill has over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate operations and finance, half with landlords and half with tenants. Prior to joining Visual Lease, Bill was responsible for international real estate portfolios of millions of square feet, comprised of office, retail and industrial properties.