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2024 Office of Finance Outlook:
How to Get the Support You Need to Drive Digital Transformation
Learn how integrating lease & operational data can improve business outcomes

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, tech advancements and market dynamics demand resilience and adaptability - and the need for digital transformation in the Office of Finance is more pronounced than ever.

This urgency is underscored by a Gartner survey finding that nearly three out of five accountants (59%) are making several errors every month due to increasing workloads. However, there's a silver lining - Gartner also found that companies can reduce financial errors by as much as 75% by adopting technology that is easy to use, learn, and configure, making a compelling case for a digital transformation in finance departments.

Download this white paper to understand the necessity of this transformation, exploring why implementing technologies is not just a luxury, but a fundamental requirement for staying competitive and compliant in a market that never sleeps.

Highlights include:

  • The need for enhanced financial and operational controls

  • Benefits of a single source of truth

  • How automation & capacity enhancements help efficiency and strategic initiatives

  • Tips for getting started on your digital transformation journey

  • Downloadable templates to use internally when embarking on digital transformation

Download your copy today.


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