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Take control of your climate-related activities.
Take charge of change.

Get your real estate and equipment portfolio prepared for ESG reporting compliance

A single source of truth for asset financials, workflows and sustainability activities

Bring finance, operations, real estate and sustainability teams together with purpose-built tools to handle complex workflows, financials and projects and make progress against your sustainability targets.

Accurate measures and managed emissions factors for Scope 1, 2 and 3

Establish a complete greenhouse gas inventory for your real estate and equipment with automated carbon accounting calculations in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and managed emissions factors.

Manage emissions energy, water, waste, and biodiversity activities

Track qualitative and quantitative climate-related activities following sustainability standards and frameworks, and upload supporting documentation for attestation.

Controls that can keep up with your portfolio – and the pace of change

Complete audit trail, comprehensive guardrails and advanced user permissions to keep work moving forward without risking data security, consistency or completeness.

See it in action today!

Stay ahead of
what's ahead

Reports to support disclosures in accordance with global reporting frameworks and mandatory reporting standards.

"As MISTRAS recognizes our responsibility to serve as an agent for positive change and advancement of the Company’s ESG initiatives, we’re thrilled to become a pilot customer for VL ESG Steward - We’ve used Visual Lease as our system of record for our portfolio of facility, automobile, and equipment leases –and feel that they are well positioned to expand and provide meaningful value into the complex landscape of ESG reporting."
Thomas Tobolski, Treasurer, MISTRAS Group, Inc.